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Babcock’s Forecast has reached Stage 2 of the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) road map for commercial acceptance of floating LiDAR.

Stage 2 permits that, following this successful pilot validation trial, the floating Babcock Forecast ZephIR lidar technology may be utilised commercially. Forecast is based around Babcock’s own low motion buoy, designed specifically to address the known adverse effects of motion on data accuracy. This high stability platform replicates the conditions of a fixed mast as closely as possible. Hosting the ZephIR 300 on a stable platform, combined with ZephIR 300’s Continuous Wave laser technology which delivers 50Hz wind data, completely removes the need for any mechanical motion compensation or post processing algorithms for data correction. The full report and results of the validation campaign will be published by the Carbon Trust later this year.

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