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Siemens has launched a new alternating-current (AC) grid access solution for connecting near-shore wind power plants to the grid. It replaces the conventional AC transformer platforms.

The new solution consists of an offshore transformer module (OTM) attached directly to a wind turbine, and acts as a distributed transmission asset. Nominally rated in incremental 250MW blocks it can be linked together to provide the required transmission capacity even for very large wind parks. The new device can be installed on a wind turbine foundation separately. As an alternative, it can be installed at the transition piece between foundation and turbine shaft like a balcony. It is suitable for all wind power turbine models. Construction, transport, installation, operation and maintenance of the platform account for a high portion of the total grid access costs. These costs will be reduced by up to 40 per cent with the new solution, which is one third smaller in size and weight compared to a conventional AC platform and installation time will be shortened by around 20 per cent.

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