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Leosphere has announced the validation of its patented Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) system upgrade to deliver wind measurement data of greater accuracy on complex wind sites.


The FCR-upgraded Windcube V2 LiDAR was field-tested and validated by DTU, on ERS’ 48MW wind farm located in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The Hrgud wind farm is a turbulent and complex wind site, located on an oblong 100 metres high hill about 1.5 kilometresn north of a 1000 metres deep and 2000 metres wide canyon. In this field test, a 77.5 metres reference met mast was erected and instrumented by COWI to perform the wind resource assessment as part of a larger feasibility study for ERS, the wind farm owner. A Windcube V2 LiDAR was installed next to the met mast in order to provide an additional set of wind data and establish a LiDAR/Met Mast comparison. This measurement campaign, led by DTU, was conducted with both the regular Windcube LiDAR, and the FCR-upgraded machine. The results showed that the use of the FCR option on the Windcube has led to a reduction of the measurement bias from -4.1% to +1.5% compared to the cup anemometer met mast. The FCR technology is essentially an online correction system which can be paired with the Windcube V2 LiDAR. Thanks to the fifth vertical beam, it accounts for the impact of the terrain complexity on the measurements.

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