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130 Renewables is a Joint Venture between four Dutch companies based in the North of Holland connecting sustainable energy sources: wind, water, sun and storage.

The partnership of 130 Renewables develops a hybrid off-grid renewable energy system that delivers renewable energy to the local smart grid. The overall system consists of generation from wind, flowing water and solar with energy storage in batteries. The partners in the joint venture are:

  • Wind Energy Solutions, Wind Energy Solutions is the manufacturer of medium sized wind turbines in the range from 50 kW up to 250kW.
  • Tocardo Tidal Energy: Tocardo manufactures tidal energy turbines from 100kW up to 500kW.
  • ZON Energie: ESCo one-stop-shopping for sustainable energy systems for households and utilities.
  • ESTechnologies:  ESTechnologies develops and manufactures Lithium Polymer batteries of 5.25 and 10.5 kWh
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