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optimus v type brush holderA new carbon brush holder from Carbex will provide longer service intervals in wind power applications according to the company. By using a central spring for all brushes on each phase, pressure is equalised, the carbon brushes on the same phase wear at the same rate.
Carbon brushes in wind power generators need replacing approximately every 18 to 22 months, however this can vary due to factors such as brush material, air humidity and presence of particles in the air. Even brush wear also gives lower resistance and improved electrical efficiency. Less wear results in less dust, which improves the cooling and enables the generator to operate at its ideal temperature. This further improves the electrical efficiency and avoids elevated temperatures, which would otherwise increase brush wear. Brush wear is also affected by the weight of the carbon brush. Brushes are normally mounted above and below the rotor. The brush weight will add to pressure above the rotor and subtract from the brush pressure below it. The Optimus V-type holder eliminates the impact of the weight on brush wear by holding the brushes at an angle against the rotor.The Optimus V-type holder is aimed at OEMs as well as for retrofit.
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