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Barge Master delivered its first Barge Master T40 (BM-T40) motion compensated knuckle boom crane. The BM-T40 is installed on the ‘Walk to Work’ vessel the Kroonborg of Wagenborg and compensates for sea induced vessel motions in roll, pitch and heave directions at the base of the crane, up to 3 meters significant wave height.

The BM-T40 is designed for offshore support vessels that are used to transfer small loads and personnel to (unmanned) offshore oil and gas platforms or wind turbines. The BM-T40 features a small footprint and is designed to compensate for sea induced motions of a knuckle boom crane with a lifting capacity of 15mT at a 10 meter radius or 5mT at a 20 meter radius up to 35m height. Typical loads include hoses, tools, spare parts, maintenance equipment, small wind turbines and solar panels weighing 1.5mT to 5mT. The BM-T40 is also suited for ballasting or grouting operations. Besides the suitability of safely lifting loads, the T40 is manriding certified for safe personnel transfer.

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