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The Front Cover

Over the years we have published several articles about different devices for capturing high altitude wind, also called airborne wind energy (AWE). AWE articles we have previously published were about kites, tethered wings outfitted with turbines, powerplanes, and lighter-than-air tethered rotating devices. And now, in this issue on page 7, we have an article focused on the development of an innovative design that has been named PAULA for short, or Power Amplified Upper Level Aerogenerator.

Publisher's Note


Power Amplified Upper Level Aerogenerator
By F. Castellani, University of Perugia, M. Marchionni, University of Calabria and P. Boldrin, ‘Under The Etruscan Sun’ project, Italy

Optimising Wind Plant Performance
By Paul Legac, Applications Engineer, AWS Truepower, USA

Horizontal or Vertical-Axis Turbines?
By Jon Howard, Research Specialist, H Energy Innovations, USA



Company in Focus

By Johannes Lange, Ge:Net, Germany


WWEA Page October 2011

Power Amplified Upper Level Aerogenerator

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