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The Front Cover

On the frontcover is shown the Northstar modular tower; this is a tower that, once installed, looks just like the conventional cousin from which it has evolved. The tower is a modular, field-assembled panel design. With this design, tower panels can be added to increase the tower diameter and height. On page 7 you will find the article about the concept.

Publisher's Note


Taller Tower, More Power
By Peder Hansen, Executive VP, Northstar Wind Towers, USA

Wind Power in Valleys
By Harry Valentine, Technical Journalist, Canada

Bolt Tensioning on Wind Turbines
By Roy Sheldon, Business Development Manager, Tentec Ltd, UK

Tower Welding
By William Mohr, Principal Engineer, EWI, USA

Company in Focus

HYTORC Industrial Bolting Equipment
By Joachim Santen and Jason Junkers, HYTORC Division UNEX Corporation, USA

Supported by:

Klüber Lubrication
Lidar Wind Technologies
Natural Power
NRG Systems
Second Wind
Shermco Industries

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