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The Front Cover

The image on the front cover shows a commercial-scale INVELOX commissioned in Chaska, Minnesota, USA, in November 2012. The INVELOX wind technology, developed by the American company SheerWind, is providing an effective alternative to conventional propeller-driven wind-harvesting systems. On page 6 you can read the full article about this new development.

Publisher's Note


Dr Daryoush Allaei, Chief Technical Officer, SheerWind, Inc.

O&M Optimisation and Smart Grids

By Christopher Gray, Managing Partner, Uptime Engineering, Austria

Reduction of Cost of Energy Through Innovation
By Philip Totaro, Principal, IntelStor, USA

How Much Do You Know About 'Small Wind'?
By Simon Rolland, Secretary General of the Alliance for Rural Electrification, Brussels, Belgium

Company in Focus

Spares in Motion
By Marc Huyzer, Managing Partner, Spares in Motion, The Netherlands