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The Front Cover

The article on page 20 written by Thomas Hahm from F2E Fluid & Energy Engineering focuses on optimisation of wind turbine spacing to improve the performance. When placing wind turbines too close together turbulence generated by the wakes of the wind turbines may seriously affect their structural integrity and so becomes a limited factor in wind farm lay out. The image on the cover is a snapshot of a meandering wake behind an Enercon E-66 wind turbine (blue represents high wind speeds and white represents low speeds).

Publisher's Note

Improving Performance


Towards Improved Drive Train Reliability
By Matthew Whittle, University of Durham, UK

Optimisation of Wind Turbine Spacing
By Thomas Hahm, F2E Fluid & Energy Engineering, Germany

Estimate of Annual Energy Production

By Dr Johannes Sander, Sander + Partner, Switzerland

Korea’s Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed
By Mr Kim Jea-Seob, Chief Executive Officer of Korea Smart Grid Institute, South Korea

Improving the Performance of Wind Turbines
By Grigory Fedotov, SIA Latekols, Latvia


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