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Driving the Wind Energy Industry through Science

The EWEA Annual Event, formerly known as EWEC, will take place between 14 and 17 March in Brussels, Belgium. The conference consists of 40 sessions featuring over 200 prominent speakers and more than 300 specialised poster presentations. The EWEA annual exhibition in 2011 will be the largest ever.

{access view=!registered}Only logged in users can view the full text of the article.{/access}{access view=registered}Over 10,000 visitors are expected from across the globe. A total of 400 companies such as manufacturers, component suppliers, developers, engineers, service providers, power generators and utilities will be showing their products and services. Windtech International invited the exhibiting companies to tell us what they will have on display during the show, especially their new products.

3E provides consulting services and software tools to optimise portfolio performance and facilitate grid integration of offshore and onshore wind energy. It specialises in advanced resource assessments, data analysis, due diligence, operational monitoring and strategic analyses on wind integration and infrastructure. At EWEA 2011 the company will show a preview of its new software platform for investor reporting and portfolio management.
Booth no. 11520

ABB’s new high speed generator platform supports both doubly-fed (DF) and full converter (FC) concepts by using induction, DF or permanent magnet rotors. Turbine manufacturers can upgrade from DF to FC without having to do major engineering work. It enables a fast-track market introduction of new products – even multi-megawatt class offshore turbines. Turbine manufacturers use ABB’s technology for all drive train types from direct drive to medium and high speed.
Booth no. 7321

AQ System
AQ System will be showing its AQ500 Wind Finder. The AQ500 Wind Finder is a remote sensing product for the wind energy industry. It is a mobile self-sufficient system that is easy to deploy, install and use. It has no need for building permits or external power sources and is not subject to weather restrictions. The system provides valuable data in the wind turbine’s entire operating area (by volume). The system offers the complete wind profile up to 200 metres in range, with a 5 metre resolution.
Booth no. 12061

Avanti Wind Systems
Avanti was established as a ladder factory in 1885, but in recent decades its full focus has been on products and services to the wind industry. Today Avanti is a global player of safety products for moving up and down in wind turbine towers.
Booth no. 7551

AVN Energy
AVN Energy offers different models of rotor locks for wind turbines. Examples of advantages are quick delivery time, customer-specified, maintenance-free and corrosion resistance up to C5 high according to ENI 2944. The company also deliver a compact design which can be mounted any way the customer requires. The rotor locks can all be delivered with customer-specified hydraulic force.
Booth no. 7120

Catch the Wind
Catch the Wind manufactures the Vindicator laser wind sensor, which mounts on turbine nacelles and measures wind speed and direction out to 300 metres. Measuring dynamic wind flow approaching each turbine enables intelligent controls, dramatically improving performance while reducing stress. The system is also utilised for onshore and offshore resource assessment.
Booth no. 11321

DDIS is an electrical engineering company founded by Jean-Marc Canini. In January 2011 DDIS installed its first wind turbine, which is more compact and lighter than the conventional technologies. DDIS is looking for European, Indian and American industrial partners in order to sell licences of its technology.
Booth no. 12089

DeTect offers the MERLIN Avian Radar System, a system for wind farm bird and bat preconstruction mortality risk assessment and operational risk mitigation with over 60 units worldwide. With the MERLIN SCADA feature, the radar functions as an ‘early warning’ system, automatically providing turbine curtailment to mitigate bird and bat mortality risk while optimising energy production.
Booth no. 12346

Deutsche WindGuard
Deutsche WindGuard offers offshore safety trainings to meet the growing need for training in the field of offshore wind farming in close cooperation with the Beluga Offshore Training Academy. This training is based on the international safety standards set for the Oil & Gas Industry (developed by OPITO). The BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) is certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL).
Booth no. 11100

EMD International
At EWEA 2011, EMD International is presenting version 2.7 of the WindPRO software package, which includes a new Loss & Uncertainty module for preparing bankable reports based on loss and uncertainty analysis and with calculated net energy yield at different exceedance levels between P50 and P99.
Booth no. 11819

Freudenberg Simrit
Radiamatic Simmerrings have proved many times in recent years that they are ideally suited to reliably sealing the main bearings in wind turbines. These molded rotary shaft seals can be used to seal diameters of between 200 and 3,500mm. Freudenberg Simrit will present two important new developments at EWEA 2011: the Radiamatic Simmerring with dust lip and a service set for considerably simplified maintenance.
Booth no. 12268

Gamesa, a global player in the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines, will participate under the theme, Gamesa Innovates: Evolution of a Technology, detailing the history and development of a broad range of platforms and wind turbines, from the Gamesa G5X-850kW to the company’s latest technological innovations, the Gamesa G9X-2.0MW and the Gamesa G10X-4.5MW.
Booth no. 11232

GEO-NET Umweltconsulting
GEO-NET is an interdisciplinary and technology-oriented company concentrating on renewable energies, environmental meteorology and environmental planning. GEO-NET has been operating in wind energy since 2000 and has global experience with 1,400 projects in 40 countries. GEO-NET is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for wind calculations, energy yield expertises, wind measuring campaigns and proof of reference yields according to EEG.
Booth no. 11600

Hailo Professional
At EWEA 2011, Hailo will be presenting the latest service lift product innovations and will also be providing information on its extensive range of services. Special emphasis will be put on the Hailo TOPlift. This ladder-guided service lift incorporates all the benefits of its predecessor H200SL and has also been supplemented with numerous special features. The Hailo GLOBALlift will also be presented at EWEA. This lift is manufactured to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001 certified) in the countries in which it is deployed.
Booth no. 11419

Internormen Technology
The main way to prevent failures and downtimes is to monitor important oil parameters and establish predictive maintenance programmes. At EWEA 2011, Internormen will show its new oil condition monitor system, OCM 01. The OCM 01 is a mobile oil condition measuring system which enables the user to simultaneously and accurately determine and document important oil parameters such as particle contamination, viscosity, relative dielectricity, temperature, water saturation and the theoretical water content calculation during on-line and off-line operations in hydraulic and lubrication systems.
Booth no. 7201

James Walker
James Walker presents a solution to monopile slippage; high quality, custom-designed, large-diameter bearing and gearbox seals; a tension control bolting system that reduces build-time and the maintenance requirement for bolt checking plus a solution for on-site seal fitting that minimises the need for disassembly.
Booth no. 11751

Meteodyn offers CFD software and studies to assess wind energy resource whatever the site (mountains, forests, built-up areas), and for large-scale wind farms as well as for small-scale wind generation. At its booth the company will show demos of its software MeteodynWT for wind energy assessment in wind farms, over any kind of terrain, and UrbaWind for wind energy assessment in urban areas or other built-up areas.
Booth no. 12050

Mistaya Engineering
Mistaya Engineering will be showcasing its wind resource data analysis software, Windographer, which increases productivity with its automated data import capability, its quality control features, and its statistical analysis modules.
Booth no. 11924

Moog will be presenting its new pitch motor at EWEA 2011. In the Moog Pitch System the motor is the hardware responsible for controlling the pitch of the blade turbine and ensuring safety in the event of a fault. The new Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Motor has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for wind turbines even in extreme climates. Moog’s Pitch Motor is an AC synchronous motor with an electromagnetic design built for harsh conditions. Key features are high power density for short periods, long life and low maintenance and sensorless control for extra safety.
Booth no. 7428

MTS Sensor Technologie
MTS Sensor Technologie will display its position sensors for wind technology. The Temposonics position sensors are well known for their reliable operation without any maintenance or recalibration even in harsh environments. Their magnetostrictive technology provides for an absolute, non-contact displacement measurement. In wind turbines they can measure things such as the angle of the rotor blades or are used for position measurement in the rotor locks.
Booth no. 11629

Nordex will be unveiling its new N117/2400 wind power system at EWEA 2011. With a nominal output of 2.4MW, the Gamma Generation turbine has been specially developed for inland locations. Thanks to a rotor diameter of 117 metres and a rotor sweep of 10,751 square metres, the N117/2400 is the highest-yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class. In typical inland regions, it will achieve a capacity of over 3,500 full-load hours. The acoustic power level is a maximum 105 decibels, thus allowing the turbine to be used closer to residential areas and ensuring an optimum turbine array in the wind farm. The N117/2400 has also been designed with construction height limits in mind. Thus, with a hub height of 91 metres on the standard tower, it remains below the critical threshold of 150 metres.
Booth no. 11420

The OCAS solution is an aircraft detection and warning system based on radar technology to provide detection and tracking of an aircraft’s proximity to an obstacle. Warning lights on wind farms are seen as an annoyance for the local communities, but this capability allows the visual warning lights to remain off until an aircraft is on an unsafe heading. This leaves the horizon and sky free of unnecessary light pollution and decreases public annoyance issues while improving the environmental habitat. The system can also send an optional secondary audio warning to the pilot’s cockpit headset via VHF radio, adding a second safety barrier.
Booth no. 12280

Powernet designs and manufactures customised power supplies. Its power conversion technology offers high efficiency and high reliability that works even in the most difficult operating environment.
Booth no. 7001

Relight is an international group that develops and manages projects for the production of energy from renewable sources, with a particular focus on wind and photovoltaics (PV). Established in Italy in 2003 by a venture of Gokhan Baykam, the group now operates in the Mediterranean area, North Central Europe, the USA and Asia. The Group’s activities are centred on the entire process of creating a renewable energy plant, from looking for the most suitable sites to building projects and finally producing and selling energy.
Booth no. 11340

REpower Systems
At EWEA 2011 REpower Systems will present its entire product portfolio, focusing on the 3.XM series high-performance onshore turbines. Recently the Repower 3.4M104 (3.4MW) and 3.2M114 (3.2MW) have been made available in different hub heights up to 128 metres. They are predestined in their respective configuration for strong wind or weak wind sites.
Booth no. 11620/11630

Risø DTU
At EWEA 2011, Risoe DTU’s Wind Energy Division is presenting results from research, development and innovation of products and services within the areas of meteorology, aerodynamics, structural design, measurements and testing. The products include software such as WAsP, WAsP Engineering and HAWC2. The Division carries out scientific and technical research in the wind energy field and cooperates with universities and industry worldwide.
Booth no. 7453

SANDER + PARTNER announces the release of MINT The Math Machine for Wind Data Analysis. MINT is a new software tool to analyse and visualise very large datasets of wind measurements from met towers, sodar or lidar. MINT is based on statistical software packages used in science, large-scale industries and by banks for financial risk assessment. MINT performs extreme wind analysis, advanced MCP or evaluates P90 of the annual energy production with higher reliability. MINT is addressed to experienced and professional wind engineers.
Booth no. 7650

Second Wind
Second Wind’s wind measurement systems are used to help wind developers, wind farm operators and utilities conduct wind resource assessment studies and monitor wind conditions in more than 50 countries on seven continents. The company will be at EWEA exhibiting the Triton Sonic Wind Profiler, Nomad 2 Data Logger, and its full line of tower-based measurement systems.
Booth no. 11120

SET Sustainable Energy Technologies
SET is a technology company providing variable-speed, medium-voltage drive systems. Based on both innovative engineering methods and about 25 years of experience SET develops and manufacture electro-mechanical differential-drives with a total power rating of up to 8MW. Currently the company is proving the concept utilising a 3MW/10kV prototype on its full-scale test bench.
Booth no. 12278

SGS Renewable Energy
SGS is a global company for inspection, verification, testing and certification. For each phase of a wind farm project (onshore and offshore), SGS Renewable Energy offers a wide range of services ensuring that the wind farm will perform successfully throughout the intended lifetime. The company’s services include but are not limited to project execution, project certification and in-service inspection.
Booth no. 7418

Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group (LZFRP), an Asian manufacturer of rotor blades and SINOI’s sole shareholder, has started production of the world’s largest rotor blade with a length of 62 metres and a nominal power of 5MW in Lianyungang, China. LZFRP developed this 5MW class 1 rotor blade for the Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd (Sinovel). The 62-metre rotor blade can also be used on other onshore, offshore and coastal wind turbines. Furthermore, the company has developed a 1.5MW bamboo rotor blade which has a length of 40.3 metres. The rotor blade is produced with bamboo as a main load-bearing component to reduce weight.
Booth no. 11817

SPX Hydraulic Technologies
SPX Hydraulic Technologies is a global manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic cylinders, (torque wrench) pumps, torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, nut splitters, work holding and railway track systems. At EWEA 2011, SPX HT will present a new generation of torque wrench features which increase productivity up to 40% and its new software packages, Adviser Controlled Bolting Software and Controller Joint Monitoring software.
Booth no. 12140

Symmetron was founded in 1989 and is a supplier of energy measurement equipment. At EWEA 2011 the company will be showing its Stylitis data loggers, meteorological instruments, telemetry equipment, wind masts and software.
Booth no. 11930

The Switch
The Switch has launched its next-generation full-power converter series to better serve the wind power industry. The goal for each new converter is to continuously produce high-quality energy for the grid, without having the turbine tripping or standing still due to technical interruptions.
Booth no. 11818

Vector Instruments
Vector Instruments has over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of wind sensors with a proven record of accuracy and reliability. Its A100L2, A100LK, A100LM and A100R/K cup anemometers are among the very few available which can be classified as having First Class performance according to the requirements of IEC61400-12-1 when suitably sited and operated.
Booth no. 12489

WinWinD will launch a new 3MW turbine at EWEA 2011. WinWinD’s brand new 3MW wind turbine, WinWinD 3, is lighter, simpler and more productive, taking the proven integrated power unit concept to a new level. The significantly reduced nacelle weight and maintenance-friendly layout mean easy installation and reliable operation. Three rotor diameters reaching up to 120 metres ensure productivity in all wind classes, especially at low-wind-speed sites.
Booth no. 11730{/access}
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