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Studies of early offshore turbines showed that the impact of the harsh conditions on the whole turbine structure was much higher than expected. Only proper maintenance procedures, including periodic surveys at predetermined time intervals, can secure the long-term production efficiency and yield from offshore wind turbines and their blades. The required technologies for maintenance on offshore installations are currently being developed and more are becoming available every year. The image on the front cover shows automated NDT inspection on offshore rotor blades by SPRAT rope access.

Publisher's Note

EWEA 2014: Optimistic vibe, new turbines and focus on bringing down CoE


On Top of Turbines
By Morgan Troedsson, Product Manager, FORCE Technology, Denmark

Understanding Active Power Control from Wind Power
By Erik Ela, Yingchen Zhang, Paul Fleming and Vahan Gevorgian, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Wind Turbine Generator Life Extension
By Kevin Alewine, Director of Marketing, Shermco Industries, Texas, USA


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