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During the past few years the market for servicing existing wind turbines has grown rapidly. One of the more significant market segments is for exchanging blades. Commonly, large mobile cranes are used, together with a blade yoke. The costs associated with the use of a crane are high, and so cheaper solutions are being sought. Liftra has developed a solution to exchange blades without cranes. Click here read the full article.

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Long-term consistent policies appear on the horizon



Blade Exchange Without Cranes
By Per Fenger and Ruben Tjell Lambertsen, Liftra, Denmark

Optimisation of Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations
By Axel Jacobs, Civil Consultant Wind Energy, ABT, The Netherlands

By Climent Molins and Alexis Campos, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Non-Torque Loads in Drive-Trains
By Alexander Kari, Geislinger GmbH, Austria


Windtech Future

The Rise of Asian Innovation
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA


View from Inside

The Main Reasons Behind Protests Against Wind Energy Projects
By Preben Maegaard, Advisor, Nordisk FolkeCenter, Denmark



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