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The Spinner Anemometer consists of three single-path ultrasonic anemometers mounted on the spinner – taking measurements while the turbine operates. Accelerometers are included so that the correct azimuth angle of the sensor in question can be determined. The device was invented and patented by Troels Friis Pedersen of Risø/Danish Technical University. On page 6 you can read the full article about the Spinner Anemometer.

Publisher's Note


ROMO Wind Spinner Anemometer
By Jørgen Højstrup, Jesper Degn Nielsen and Jens Lund Lauritsen, ROMO Wind, Denmark

Small and Medium-Scale Wind Turbines

By Frits Ogg, renewable energy consultant, The Netherlands

The Energy Equation?
By Gene R. Kelley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, W2 Energy Development Corporation, USA


HUSUM WindEnergy 2012

Column Nimbyism

The Potential of Wind Energy, Storage and Transmission
By Tiff Thompson, Principal, NIMBY Consulting, USA

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