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Windtech International gives topical overviews and the latest news and developments in the technology and management of wind energy activities. Windtech International seeks the opinion of leading professionals on the state of the market, technical issues and national and international policies. The features are written by independent professionals who provide insight into the latest developments in a practical and informative way.

Windtech International goes straight to key decision-makers in the international area of the wind energy industry and is directed at commercial, academic and government professionals worldwide at the leading edge of managing, implementing and procuring equipment and services. Its readership is involved in a diverse range of activities such as acoustic issues, aerodynamics, anemometers, basements (onshore/offshore), barings, cable and pipings, climate change, coatings (production procedures), cranes, lightning conductors, lubricants, maintenance issues, materials science, mathematical wind programmes, powercurve measurements, software development, sound measurement, subsidy issues, towers, gears, generators, insurance and certify issues.

Windtech International reaches a worldwide readership of professionals active in the wind energy industry through a targeted global distribution. To provide our readers with the best and most up-to-date news and developments from all around the world, Windtech International appreciates your editorial contribution. We offer you the opportunity to contribute by submitting or taking part in one or more of the items presented below
  • FEATURES: Application, technical and business orientated articles
  • VIEW FROM INSIDE: Your personal professional view on a certain topic related to the editorial theme or on wind energy in general. The article should be informative on a non-commercial basis. Max. 500 words, 1 illustration.
  • BUSINESS NEWS: Announcements about company news, orders, contracts and projects, industry news. Max. 150 Words, 1 illustration.
  • PRODUCT NEWS: Announcements about new or upgraded products. Max. 150 Words, 1 illustration.
  • PRODUCT SURVEY: Contact us if your equipment, hardware or software falls in one of the mentioned categories (see below), we will then send you the appropriate questionnaire.
  • FRONT COVER: Attractive full-colour photograph with an appropriate description. Approx. 50 words.
Copy is required five weeks prior to the month of publication. For detailed guidelines, please contact our editorial department, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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