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The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and the Korean Wind Energy Industry Association (KWEIA) have signed an agreement which includes joint research on which success factors are important in order to boost the onshore and offshore wind market in Korea. For this purpose, several markets will be analysed in order to identify which policies are good for the promotion of wind power and for the accelerated deployment of wind farms.

The conclusions of the research will serve as guidance for the Korean government in order to take the necessary decisions for a faster growth of wind power in the country. The Republic of Korea has so far only played a marginal role in the global wind sector, both in terms of domestic installations as well as in industrial capacities. However, now the country is facing a fundamental shift in its energy policies, after the election of President Moon earlier this year. The country has already switched off several coal power stations and will prepare a plan to phase out nuclear power as well. In accordance with switching off polluting energy sources, the country will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, including wind power which will have to play an important role in the future power supply.

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