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American wind power added significantly more new electricity than any other resource in 2014 according to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) data.

Wind power generated 4.4 per cent of all the electricity in America in 2014 and maintained its position as the fifth largest electricity source in the USA, according to the latest data from the DOE Energy Information Administration (EIA). Iowa led the nation by producing 28.5 per cent of its electricity from wind power, followed by South Dakota at 25.3 per cent and Kansas at 21.7. Wind energy provided more than 15 per cent of electricity in a total of seven states, more than 10 per cent in a total of nine states, and more than five percent in a total of 19 states. All renewable energy sources including hydropower now deliver more than 13 per cent of the nation’s electricity, with wind energy providing more than one-third of that total. Wind energy’s growth has been driven by technological improvements and cost declines that have reduced the cost of wind energy by more than half over the last five years, as documented by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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