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Quarterly wind performance maps for Q3 2016 show deviations in the wind resource from average Q3 conditions in every region of the world according to the Wind Trends Bulletin for Q3 published by AWS Truepower. In the third quarter of 2016, winds were above normal relative to the long-term, third-quarter norm (1988-2014) across the western USA, as well as portions of northern Europe and southern Asia. Winds were below normal across much of South America, Europe, and maritime Southeast Asia.

A southward shift in above-average wind speeds was seen across North America. In previous months, above-normal conditions persisted across western Canada, with deficits to the south. In the third quarter, wind speeds rebounded over the western USA, with a transition to below-normal conditions over much of Canada. Wind speeds over the Northeast remain relatively unchanged, at near-normal to slightly above-normal conditions. The overall wind speed pattern also remained unchanged over Hawaii, although wind speed conditions strengthened over the northern islands towards the end of the quarter.

The strong pattern of wind speed anomalies present over South America during the second quarter had eased. Towards the end of the third quarter, strongly above-normal conditions over northern and eastern Brazil transitioned to near-normal or even slightly below normal for the first time this year. Strongly below-normal conditions over southern Chile and Argentina also moderated.

The overall wind speed pattern for  much of Europe remained relatively unchanged. Wind speed deficits persisted over central Europe, with particularly strong deficits towards the end of the third quarter (-15 to -25% for September). These quarter-ending below-normal conditions set up across much of the European mainland, in contrast to the above-normal conditions over the United Kingdom (up to 15% for September).

The overall wind speed anomalies over Africa and the Middle East also remained relatively unchanged. Above-normal conditions persisted for central Africa, as well as coastal East Africa. Wind speed deficits over the Sahel lessened, while belownormal conditions set up over much of coastal West Africa.

Above-normal wind conditions reached across southern Asia, while near-normal conditions persisted elsewhere. Towards the end of the quarter, wind speeds over southern India became strongly above-normal, with areas in excess of 30% above normal for the month of September.

Wind speed anomalies waned across Oceania. Deficits across Indonesia weakened slightly, although they continue to remain strong (-10 to -20%). Elsewhere, the strong pattern of anomalies seen over Australia during the second quarter moderated, with near-normal conditions for the country during the third quarter.

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