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Research and Markets has announced the addition of U.S. Wind Prospects 2004 Edition to its offering. With most US states having initiatives in place to increase their generation of electric power by utilising renewable energy resources, wind power is proving to be an effective alternative energy source. There is more than 2,000MW of wind generation currently installed in the USA and wind power is the fastest growing energy source. It is expected to serve 6% of the nation’s electric load by 2020. The 2004 edition Wind Prospects wall map is the ultimate resource for identifying wind resource potential across the USA. The map’s dimensions are 36 x 60 inches (roughly 1 x 1.5 m), and its features include:
  • wind resource potential, as defined by PNNL’s Wind Atlas of the United States, filtered with transmission line and other geographic layers
  • transmission lines 115kV and above, coloured by voltage
  • transmission constraints
  • existing wind power plants, labelled with plant name and sized by capacity (MW)
  • geographic identifiers, such as major cities and population centres
  • a number of high-resolution wind power resource maps
  • a state policies and incentives encouraging utility-scale renewable energy investment inset map
  • regional inset maps of areas where there are high concentrations of installed wind plants (Los Angeles area, San Francisco area and Sioux Falls area).
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