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The organisations Wind Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark have agreed to initiate a strategic collaboration with goals of securing the spread of Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark and breaking down regulatory barriers. The two organisations have decided to name the collaboration: The PtX-Alliance.
Focus areas of the PtX-Alliance are:
  • To secure a coordinated effort and dialogue in regards to both Danish and European authorities' work with regulatory challenges
  • To create a longsighted strategic plan of the linkage between renewable energy from wind turbines and electrolysis.
  • To secure a coordinated effort in regards to the necessary innovation and testing of PtX, especially in regards to the hydrogen-, methanol- and ammonia-production in Denmark.
  • To secure the establishment of necessary initiatives that can secure an export of Danish PtX-solutions.
  • To cooperate in regards to the EU’s strategic value chain of hydrogen.
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