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US 2015 Q4 ForecastAfter the record low wind anomalies that challenged many project operators in the United States in the beginning of the year, wind energy performance is expected to remain below normal in most regions into the final quarter of 2015.

This is due to a persistent El Niño that is forecast to remain in effect throughout the end of the year. The prediction was released by Vaisala based on its analysis of historic and forecast deviations from average wind conditions across North America. The wind forecast anticipates that power producers in the Northeast, Northwest, and much of the US wind belt will see below average wind speeds in Q4 2015. While the El Niño pattern largely has a negative impact, particularly along the Rocky Mountains, it will have a positive impact in some areas with significant wind generation. The Southwest, Southeast, Indiana, and southern Texas are all expected to see above normal wind speeds. California is an especially bright spot with a high likelihood of elevated wind speeds, which should signal a return to smooth profitability for investors following the lows of the last six months.

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