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The US Energy Department has kicked off the collaborative partnership between its new WINDExchange initiative and six supporting Regional Resource Centres.
The new WINDExchange initiative and website will serve as a digital portal providing fact-based informational resources about the costs and benefits of wind power, technical assistance and guidance for simplifying the deployment process, and public access to educational resources. Upholding the Energy Department's commitment to making high-quality information available to advance clean energy technologies, WINDExchange provides key resources and tools through its website such as: wind resource maps; e-newsletters published twice a month; webinars; pod casts; databases; economic development studies; fact sheets; the Wind for Schools Portal; and a Small Wind Guidebook. Six new Regional Resource Centers (RRCs) will serve their regions as wind energy information centers, supporting WINDExchange's efforts and working collaboratively with local organizations to engage diverse stakeholder groups.
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