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The market for wind power energy storage systems will reach $1.1 billion by 2015, according to analyst firm NanoMarkets. The analyst firm states in their report that growth in the wind industry will not be sustainable unless the matter of cost-effective energy storage is addressed.

The report notes that much of need for wind power storage at the present time is accounted for by lead-acid batteries, which represent low-cost and mature technology. However, the wind industry will quickly shift to newer higher performance battery technologies such as lead-carbon, sodium-sulfur and flow battery systems, according to NanoMarkets. Furthermore, the higher performance and lifetimes of lead-carbon batteries compared to traditional lead-acid batteries will give lead-carbon the largest single share of wind-power energy storage sales by 2015 with sales that will exceed $300 million in 2015. NanoMarkets also sees significant use of mechanical storage including pumped hydroelectric and compressed air storage.
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