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The MEASNET site assessment expert group has released a version 2 of their MEASNET procedure “Evaluation of Site-Specific Wind Conditions”. The procedure defines the scope of evaluations and requirements on the methodology for assessing the site conditions relevant for design and structural integrity of a wind turbine, with the aim to improve the comparability and traceability of such results.

The scope covers all relevant tasks like wind measurements and data evaluation, as well as extrapolation of such data, and is accompanied by rules for performing mutual assessments and Round Robin tests. The MEASNET expert group is currently preparing a Round Robin test for late 2016 in order to make the new procedure operational. This test will be open for external participants. The MEASNET expert group further actively supports the preparation of the new international IEC 61400-15 standard, by providing the MEASNET site assessment procedure and further input for that work. A liaison of the IEC 61400-15 group with MEASNET has been formed.

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