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In the past weeks, two European countries have taken important steps to boost their domestic markets for small wind turbines; Denmark and Poland. Denmark is preparing the introduction of a feed-in tariff (FIT) for small wind turbines.

The planned remuneration is € 0,33 per Kilowatthour (kWh) for units up to 10 Kilowatt (kW) and € 0,20 per kWh for up to 25 kW. Poland has adopted a new renewable energy law which will include a feed-in tariff for small wind turbines as well. Up to 3 kW the FIT will be € 0,17 per kWh, up to 10 kW, the rate will be € 0,15 per kWh. This decision has the potential of creating major changes of the Polish renewable energy market which has so far not been based on local and domestic investors. The indicated feed-in rates, if implemented in a comprehensive way, will allow the small wind sector in both countries to grow substantially. Denmark and Poland are aiming at enabling citizens and small businesses to harvest wind power for electricity generation and support their domestic small wind sector, thus also creating opportunities for export of small wind equipment.

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