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The Dutch province of Groningen urges minister to choose for wind farms in the area above the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands which has good offshore wind farm conditions. That is the outcome  of the report, commissioned by the province of Groningen, and presented to the Minister of Economic Affairs. The research report by BLIX shows that at least 10GW of wind power can be built in the area above the Dutch Wadden Islands.

In addition, offshore wind, combined with the existing energy infrastructure in Groningen and the developments around hydrogen, will give the Dutch energy transition a boost. In addition to climate mitigation benefits, wind conditions in the Wadden Sea Area also offer great economic opportunities, partly due to the creation of employment through the construction and maintenance of the wind farms. In addition, it becomes attractive for companies to settle themselves in the area’s vicinity. For instance, for Google, the availability of locally-produced renewable energy was an important factor in their decision to build their data facility in the Eemshaven. Ultimately, the Dutch government will determine the locations for offshore wind farms.

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