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Metsähallitus will start competitive tendering processes of two offshore wind farms on the west coast of Finland. The offshore wind projects to be opened for competitive tendering will be located in the areas belonging to the municipalities of Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Närpiö in Osthrobothnia.
In April, Pyhäjoki and Raahe approved the zoning initiatives for an area of approximately 160 km2. Earlier this week, the Närpiö City Board approved a zoning initiative for an area of approximately 180 km2. Both the new offshore wind farms will be developed in state owned areas on the Finnish territorial waters. Tendering processes will be launched after the state administration and local municipalities have made the remaining decisions related to the preparations of the projects. The opening will be announced separately later this year. The area leased for the offshore wind power project will remain state property. Once completed, the offshore wind farm will pay real estate tax to the local municipality.
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