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The installed capacity of renewable energy in Ukraine amounted to 9.5 GW as of the beginning of 2022. Ukraine's renewable energy facilities are at high risk of total or partial destruction due to the invasion of Russia. 47% of the installed capacity of renewable energy power plants is located in the regions where active hostilities are taking place.
In addition, many RES stations are located in areas adjacent to these areas. Thus, the vast majority of wind farms in Ukraine were built in the south of the country with the highest wind potential  - Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa regions. 89% of the wind farms capacity is located in areas where active hostilities are currently underway, another 9% are located in close proximity to regions with active hostilities. More than half of the wind farms have already been shut down. Total investments in the Ukrainian RES sector over the last 10 years amount to $12 billion according to the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association.
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