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DNV GL has shared the findings of its latest report “Offshore wind: a manifesto for cost reduction. The DNV GL manifesto for offshore wind cost reduction does more than identify and quantify cost reduction opportunities.

It sets out the challenge and commits DNV GL to action on the most important issues. The cost reduction strategies outlined in the manifesto are categorised into three basic types: “Doing it right” (by mitigating risk and increasing certainty), “Doing it better” (by improving the efficiency of existing processes) and “Doing it differently” (by innovating for the future). Working with industry partners, the actions DNV GL commits to in the manifesto have the potential to achieve reductions in the cost of energy of up to 25%. This saving, combined with trends in other areas such as improved supply chain efficiency has the potential of delivering a total reduction of 40%. The manifesto document contains 14 specific pledges across a wide range of topics from reducing subsea cable installation risks through to accelerating the commercialisation of floating offshore wind technology.

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