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BWEA has welcomed Tony Blair’s announcement of a review of long-term energy policy and called on the Government to put renewables at the heart of any new policy. While most media discussion about the review has centred on the question of nuclear power, it is also essential that the Review sets Britain on course to utilise our huge strategic indigenous renewable resources, such as wind, wave and tidal stream.

The Energy White Paper of 2003 set an ‘aspiration’ that 20% of UK’s electricity needs should come from renewables in 2020 with a target of 10% by 2010. Now is the time to turn that 2020 aspiration into a firm target, and ensure that the mechanisms are put in place to achieve it. Beyond 2020, renewables will need to grow further if the longer-term target of cutting carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 is to be achieved. Apart from the environmental benefits of renewables, they are home-grown, provide a secure energy supply, and have stable prices, thus helping insulate the UK from future energy shocks.