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DNV GL gathered views from over 1,600 energy sector participants across more than 70 countries. The study addressed key questions on how to best move forward the integration of renewables into the global electricity grids to ensure the future of electricity.

The survey points to broad global consensus that a renewables based electricity system can be achieved. Eight out of 10 respondents believe that the electricity system can be 70 percent renewable by 2050. Almost half of them believe this can be achieved in the next 15 years. Report findings are organised around three dynamics, which DNV GL sees reshaping not just electricity, but the entire energy sector:

  1. Convergence - New economic metrics must converge the needs of policymakers and system operators  
  2. Rebalancing - New rules are needed to rebalance the opportunities and challenges for developers and system operators
  3. Expansion - New entrepreneurial solutions will expand the electricity business into a true 'internet of energy'
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