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The American Clean Power Association (ACP) released the Clean Power Quarterly Market Report - Q2 2023, showing that the industry installed 5,218MW of utility-scale solar, wind, and storage capacity in the second quarter, making Q2 2023 the second-highest second quarter for clean power installations.
The report also finds a 13% increase in clean power projects under construction or in advanced development compared to the same time last year.
Throughout the second quarter of 2023, clean energy developers commissioned 105 clean power projects across 38 states. Solar accounted for over 50% of clean power capacity installed, with storage accounting for nearly 30%. The increase in battery storage installations from the second quarter of 2022 was notable – the segment experienced 32% growth.  
The new-build pipeline encompasses 145,592 MW of clean power potential, representing both projects currently under construction and those in advanced development stages. 
Compared to the same time last year, projects in the solar pipeline increased 16%, with solar now accounting for 59% of America’s entire clean power project pipeline. The battery storage project pipeline grew 45%, now composing 15% of all clean power projects currently under development. Meanwhile, the wind power pipeline increased 8% quarter-over-quarter.
Project delays continue to mount with developers reporting 12 GW of new delays in the second quarter. By the end of the second quarter of 2023, accumulated project delays totalled 55 GW. On average these projects have been delayed 13 months as component procurement challenges, trade frictions, higher costs, regulatory delays, and other challenges have held up projects. Despite these delays, more than half of that capacity is expected to be online by the end of the year.
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