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AdBm Butendiek Noise Reduction Demonstration

AdBm-Figure 1AdBm Technologies, working with WPD and Ballast Nedam, demonstrated their new underwater noise abatement system during pile-driving operations in the construction of the Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea. The panel-based AdBm system was smoothly and quickly deployed and recovered four times. Acoustic testing was conducted at three locations ranging from 285 to 750 metres from where the monopile was being driven. Measurements were collected on 668 hammer strikes at a distance of 285 metres from the monopile. Attenuation of up to 36.8dB was realised across all hammer strikes at this location. At 750 metres from the monopile, 136 hammer strikes were analysed and the noise radiated from the pile-driving was attenuated to the level of ambient noise near the recording vessel, which ranged on average from 140 to 150dB at a reference pressure of 1 µPa. These results demonstrate that frequency-targeted reduction of underwater noise is possible and can be highly effective.

By Mark Wochner, CEO, AdBm Technologies, USA

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