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Mobitron Cargolog NL 1 6 19With the Internet of Things (IoT), or connected products, you have new opportunities for monitoring your cargo. The Cargolog® Impact & Shock Recorder is used by professionals worldwide for online tracking during transportation and handling of material.
Take an advantage of:
  • Real-time, worldwide GSM 3G/4G roaming
  • GPS logging
  • Up to 18 months of battery life
  • Set limits and alarm levels
  • Sample interval and alarm levels
  • Measuring acceleration (X, Y, Z), temperature, humidity, angle/leaning, and pressure with built-in sensors
  • A triggered alarm with data directly to your phone or mail
  • High-performance software for analyses and reports
  • Data available with cloud service
  • Connect with Mobitron app
Let us help you with your special transportation needs.
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