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A New Generation of AC/DC/AC Converters
wesThe world can be divided into urban and rural areas. Rural areas occupy the largest part of the land. Most of these rural areas are not connected to large grids and are unlikely to be electrified in the future. The costs of installing an electrical grid are too high. In rural areas, and on islands, diesel systems are often used to generate electricity. Electricity generated in this way is expensive. In addition to the cost of diesel fuel, there are other associated costs to be taken into account such as transport, storage and losses. On top of this, diesel generators are relatively inefficient and will only generate about 2.5 to 3.5kWh from one litre of diesel. As a result, the price for electrical energy in isolated grids is high, sometimes reaching 1€ per kWh or more. In remote rural areas, cheaper electricity from wind turbines can make a valuable contribution.
By Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands

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