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fos4xThe fos4X ice detection hardware can be easily integrated as a ‘fit and forget’ retrofit solution to wind turbines. Further expenditure following installation is unlikely because of the maintenance-free nature of the system over its entire service life. In addition, it provides relevant additional yields and cost reductions, for example through automatic restart after ice events.
The design service life of wind turbines is at least 20 years. Since additional maintenance work is cost-intensive, solutions for optimising wind turbines must be maintenance-free over the entire service life of the turbine.
This is where fos4X’s fibre-optic technology can be fully exploited since it has no moving parts, no electrical voltage in the sensors, and it is not at risk from lightning strikes or strong electromagnetic fields. The developments of fos4X are focused on robustness, reliability, longevity and maintenance-free operation, and are effective in the field.
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