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A Methodology Using Cyclone Tracking

cenerVref is defined as the maximum 10-minute average of wind speed with a recurrence period of 50 years and is therefore one of the key parameters to be determined in the process of wind resource assessment for the planning of wind farms. Vref is directly related to extreme winds and its value decides the class of wind turbine that can be used on a site. But there is a big problem with the measurements of winds because there are no wind farms with a data record this long. Cyclone tracking provides a possible method of studying the winds experienced at a wind farm site, together with calculating a probability estimate for extreme winds. In this article we describe how CENER analysed the existing database of hurricanes, with data on wind speeds, for a period of more than 50 years.

By Y. loureiro and P. Benito, CENER National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain, Spain

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