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A new target to deliver the equivalent of 50 per cent of the energy required for Scotland’s heat, transport and electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030 was unveiled, as part of a key consultation on Scotland’s first energy strategy. The draft Scottish Energy Strategy, published, sets out a vision for 2050 for Scotland to have a modern, integrated energy system that delivers reliable, low carbon energy at affordable prices to consumers in all parts of Scotland.

This vision will be supported next month when the government will announce details of up to GBP 50 million in funding to be awarded to 13 projects, at sites across Scotland, which will demonstrate low carbon or renewable electricity, heating or storage solutions. As well as setting ambitious targets the draft Scottish Energy Strategy also seeks views on a number of issues including:

  • The future of onshore wind development in Scotland – setting an ambition to make Scotland the first area in the UK to host subsidy free onshore wind;
  • Innovation in offshore wind, including floating wind, will play a significant role in positioning Scotland as a world centre for energy innovation;
  • The steps Scottish Government can take to support the full range of renewable electricity generation technologies to both meet domestic electricity demand and to provide economic opportunities for Scotland and opportunities for communities to invest;
  • The importance of security of supply, grid investment and the role for large-scale storage, such as pumped hydro storage;
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