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Irish Engineering Propels a New Kind of Wind Turbine
airsynergyIreland-based Airsynergy’s new turbines can double the power output for less than a 20% increase in the capital cost. This revolutionary and award-winning technology changes the wind turbine sector because it produces more energy with less wind. Airsynergy’s turbines are the world’s most powerful (for their size) and perform much better than traditional turbines at lower wind speeds. They can work efficiently even in low-wind countries such as Germany, effectively expanding the market of economically viable sites for wind turbine installation. The doubling of the power output for a modest increase in capital cost also makes wind energy cheaper than fossil fuels. Historically, renewable energy technologies have needed subsidies in order to make them financially viable – at least in the short term. However, new technology such as Airsynergy’s will soon make this a thing of the past. Airsynergy’s turbines are also quieter and smaller than conventional wind turbines.
By Adrian Kelly, Co-founder, Airsynergy, Ireland

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