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Mucsy Figure 1v2Using Pneumatic Power to Generate Wind Energy

Over 60 years ago a 100kW test wind turbine was built with pneumatic power transmission in southern England (Figure 1), based on a design patented by M. Andreau. Test results from the turbine showed a lower energy extraction than was obtained by wind turbines with conventional mechanical power transmission, and therefore the pneumatic power transmission was abandoned, without attempting to improve it. Our team has re-investigated this type of transmission, and following a number of patented innovations we have been able to considerably improve on the previous results. We are now hoping to upscale our working models for field testing.

By Dr Endre Mucsy, Hungary

Below we discuss the differences between conventional and pneumatic turbine types and their resulting properties. Why was the potential of pneumatic power transmission underestimated and abandoned? What design changes did we make to improve the efficiency of the pneumatic turbine, and how have we tested them? Finally, how much energy is there in the wind and what proportion can be utilised?

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