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On 8 November 2007, a Vestas V47 turbine, commissioned in November 2001, turned over at Scottish Power's Beinn an Tuirc wind power plant in the west of Scotland.

With immediate effect, Vestas initiated an investigation of the incident in order to conclude the cause of it. Vestas' technical and managerial teams are working closely with the appropriate official authorities, in particular the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in order to bring the matter to an early and considered conclusion. Until these investigations have been finalised, it is too early to make any conclusions, however, there is no early indications whatsoever that there is a serial inherent safety issue with this particular turbine class. However, when the investigation process is ongoing and until the root cause of the incident is firmly established, the HSE has suggested that some precautionary measures are implemented on Vestas' V47 and V52 turbines, e.g. turbine max. speed pause to be adjusted from 25 m/s to 15 m/s and auto reset parameters reduced from max ten to max five.
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