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Vestas has launched a new circularity roadmap, detailing a set of commitments to be implemented across its value chain to reach zero-waste turbines by 2040. The roadmap outlines circularity pathways for Vestas’ entire value chain by setting new targets across three key areas: design, operations and material recovery.
In design, the roadmap increases the ambition level from last year’s announcement by adding commitments to increase material efficiency by 90 percent, achieve 100 percent rotor recyclability and reduce in supply chain waste by 50 percent, all by 2030.
Across operations, Vestas is committing to expand efforts to refurbish and reuse turbine components, whilst regionalising our repair and refurbishment infrastructure where possible. While the major components of a turbine are largely refurbished already, the roadmap commits Vestas to achieve a 55 percent total refurbished component utilisation by 2030 and 75 percent by 2040, in large part by creating new repair loops for minor components.
Within material recovery, Vestas is committing to reduce the amount of manufacturing waste ending up in landfill to less than 1 percent, along with ensuring more than 94 percent of manufacturing materials are recycled by 2030. This marks an increase from 52 percent of materials being recycled today.
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