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UXOcontrol has entered into an exclusive partnership with UXO and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) solutions provider, Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Clearance Action (EORCA) UK, to support its further growth in the market.
The agreement will see UXOcontrol expand its range of EOD equipment, trained technicians and its existing portfolio with the “Barracuda” bomb and mine disposal system, designed by EORCA; a modular self-filled explosive charge with a Non-Electric (NONEL) remote initiation system. Also expeditionary EOD spreads, including 2 Remote Ordnance Lifting Systems (ROLS) to transfer ammunitions away from critical assets, EOD support vessels and temporary storage facilities are part of our joint well-maintained assets. In addition, exclusive use of EORCA (UK)’s new “HYDRA” Hyper-Water Jet Disruptor System, which offers a “Low-Order” / “Disintegration” solution alternative. EORCA’s employees will work along side UXOcontrol’s employees, both offshore and nearshore.
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