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IntelStor (T+A) has opened their European Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany as of 1 January, 2015.  The company cites strong demand for competitive benchmarking as well as intellectual property (IP) risk mitigation services from existing and new European clients.

In the midst of companies re-centralizing their research and development, as well as innovation management back to Europe, this move by T+A comes at a time when the next wave of technology innovations is being developed and prepared for market introduction. Additionally, the pioneering IP risk assessment and mitigation service from T+A provides an independent assessment and certification for turbine and component suppliers, as well as an audit of the self-certification practices offered to project financiers and developers in supply agreements.  The company sees the potential for this independent IP risk review protocol to become more highly integrated into the turbine technical certification process in the future. The company also sees the potential for the development of subsequent versions of their successful IP Analyzer tools which are used for everything from technology trend analysis and reports to the IP infringement risk audit process.  This development program alone is expected to add up to 10 long term jobs to develop, sell and support IP Analyzer.

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