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Second Wind has announced a new, flexible leasing program for its Triton Sonic Wind Profiler. The leasing program, operated through newly-established Second Wind Financial Services, is the first manufacturer-supported third-party leasing program for remote sensing.

Second Wind will also rent Tritons directly to customers for time periods as short as one month and as long as twelve months. The Triton leasing program is for developers who want to finance purchase of a Triton, or who want to use it for a year or more. There is little or no up-front cash investment. Customers may secure up to 100 per cent financing; the program also provides tax and accounting benefits. The Triton rental program is an alternative to leasing for periods of less than a year.  Customers who choose to keep the Triton at the end of the rental period may apply a percentage of their rental payments to the purchase price.
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