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Rosendin Electric has announced the consolidation of its Renewable Energy Divisions in its Southern California office. Dedicated to the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of renewable energy projects, the newly formed Rosendin Electric Renewable Energy Group bridges the company’s Solar Power and Wind Energy Divisions, and adds battery storage and sustainable power to support the emerging microgrid market.

Rosendin Electric’s Renewable Energy Divisions will continue to bid on alternative energy projects that take advantage of the company’s expertise in solar and wind power construction. It also allows the company to develop new strategies to service customers looking for backup power and alternative energy solutions. Jon Woodworth will head up the new Renewable Energy Group. David Lincoln will continue his role as Director of Solar Operations and Nate Williams will remain Division Manager for Wind Power. Duncan Frederick remains in his position as Director of Marketing, Energy Services. The Rosendin Electric Renewable Energy Group will have its headquarters in Rosendin Electric’s regional office in La Palma, California.

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