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In the 2006 financial year, REpower Systems AG has achieved a positive operating result.

With € 12.2 million, the operating result (EBIT) is above the figure of the previous year of minus € 4.3 million. The company achieved total operating performance of € 461.5 million (previous year: € 335.1 million). The earnings after tax improved from minus € 6.8 million to € 7.1 million. In 2006, REpower delivered or installed 263 wind energy turbines with a total capacity of 492.0MW, compared to 201 turbines with a total installed capacity of 366.0MW in 2005. Related to the installed capacity, this corresponds to an increase by 34.4 per cent. The order backlog augmented during the course of the year: per 31 December 2006, it contained 478 turbines (PY: 350 turbines) with a total operating performance of 933.0MW (PY: 666.0MW) and a potential sales volume of around € 842.8 million (PY: € 541.2 million).
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