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The Executive Board of Repower Systems AG, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has resolved to increase the share capital of the company by up to € 811,799 with partial utilisation of the authorised capital.

The Supervisory Board decided unanimously. The company's share capital will be increased from € 8,117,997 to up to € 8,929,796 by issuing up to 811,799 new REpower shares against cash contributions. The new shares will be offered to REpower shareholders by the issuing bank HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG from 26 March 2007 to 10 April 2007 at a subscription price of € 136 in cash per share by way of indirect subscription right. The subscription ratio is 10:1, i.e. one new share can be acquired for every ten REpower shares held. A trading of the subscription rights is not intended. Any new shares not subscribed after the subscription period will be offered to qualified investors by the issuing bank as part of a private placement or sold on the stock exchange.
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