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Centa has delivered the 58 tonnes misalignment coupling for the LORC Nacelle Testing facility, where final installations and preparations for the commissioning tests are ongoing and on schedule.


The coupling has a nominal torque of 8.6 MNm. The coupling was delivered in parts, which are now being assembled in the testing hall on site. The coupling includes an overload unit for the nacelle tester. One important challenge for designers behind this large coupling was to prepare it for a transmission torque of 8.6 resp. 11 MNm in combination with an overload unit for a release torque of 12.5 MNm and a release tolerance of only ±10%. When free of load, the LORC Nacelle Testing facility’s dynamic motor is capable of generating the full operating torque within milliseconds in order to provide an optimum simulation of real-world wind conditions. LORC has two misalignment couplings: one smaller coupling of nominal 3.5 MNm will be used for testing of turbines of up to ~4 MW, and the  larger misalignment coupling with a nominal value of 8.6 MNm will be used for the testing of turbines with a power output of 8 - 10 MW.

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