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TrønderEnergi has brought on board the international technology company Volue. The strategic partnership is aiming to develop the solutions of tomorrow for energy production and trading.
Today Nordic power companies buy and sell power once per hour. From 2023, the entire Nordic region will transition to 15-minute intervals. This means that production planning and trades must occur four times as quickly as before. Simultaneously, there are changes taking place in terms of power production at TrønderEnergi. They are doubling the production level from 3 TWh to 6 TWh as they introduce wind power parks to their portfolio.
TrønderEnergi currently uses AlgoTrader for wind power trading only. The next step will be to introduce the solution for their hydropower trades. The strategic partnership between Volue and TrønderEnergi will last for two years and Volue is investing NOK 100 million into further software innovation, enabling the energy market's green transition.
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